Thurmont is in the middle of range expansion. There will be a total of 4 new Bays at project completion. This is Bay 3 of 4



 This is the left side of

Bay 3, or Bay 3a.


  This is the middle of

Bay 3 - Bay 3b.

Extra Bays allow for more shooting - like shotgun side matches.


  This is the right side of

Bay 3 - Bay 3c.



Completed Bay 4.


Bay 4a.

Bay 4b.

 Bay 4c.

To the left of Bays 3 and 4, which were completed last year, two more bays are being constructed. Bay 1 will be the same size as the existing Bays, but will not be divided, allowing for more flexability and large stages.


 Bay 2 is nearing completion just to the left of Bay 3. It will be divided with block walls like Bays 3 and 4.


When the project is finished, later this year (2002), there will bays allowing for 10 independently run stages!

There is also an air-conditioned club house with a commercial style kitchen.